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Express Hero Tv is an infotainment channel from Pakistan that airs news, informative programs, controversial programs, Launched from 5 June 2012.

Hero Tv and sister station Express News are part of Express Media Group.

Hero TV,’ billed as a channel for ‘news with entertainment,’ began its test transmission on June 1. The channel has been launched by the Express Media Group.

The tag line of the channel is ‘Dekhaday Sab Kuch’ (reveal everything), and analysts wonder whether this will be an exciting news media outlet that will promote investigative journalism.

So far, however, that is not depicted in the trailers being aired. In fact, the promos show cheating husbands, bribe-taking policemen and clips of ‘corrupt’ politicians.


In one of the promos, a young man with a tie wrapped round the forehead is shown dancing with a girl when his mobile phone rings. When he sees that it’s his wife on the phone, the music dies down. The man lies to his wife that he is busy at his office but the wife says she knows he is with another girl. With that, the tagline of the channel flashes, saying ‘Hero – Dekhaday Sab Kuch.’

Another promo shows a teenager gaping at a young girl as she walks down a street. He follows her and then tugs at her dupatta. The girl turns around and gestures “No.”  Other punch lines and possible names of TV shows, include ‘Auratoun Kee Bharakti Kahanian’ and ‘Siasi Tabsaroun Ka Shehenshah’.

Taqi Shaheen of Hero TV said that the tagline of the channel came about after long hours of brain storming. ‘Dekhaday Sab Kuch’ was chosen because “it offered promise,” he said.

“Hero is a news channel that will be high on information,” he argued, adding “News does not need to be boring. It can be entertaining if one uses unusual ideas and presents it in unusual formats.”



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